Self Care Check In

July 1, 2016
Self Care Check In - Glasses

This year has been the year to focus on self care. This is something I’m really trying to be better about. I’ve always been pretty good at the part where you sleep in on weekends, take it easy, pamper yourself with a hot bath and a glass of wine. But I’ve never been very good at the part where you have to do the hard things that are good for you. Since we’re officially past the halfway mark in 2016, I thought I’d reflect back and see how I’ve been doing this year.


I’ve been good this year about doctor’s appointments – something I’m notoriously bad at. Got my annual checkups done with the doctor and the dentist – both of which were pretty severely delinquent. #betterlatethannever I also finally made it to the dermatologist, something I should have done YEARS ago, considering my complexion and family history of cancer. And you know what? None of these appointments were scary once I got there. In fact I felt really good when I got out – like I had done something good for myself. I can’t believe I put them off for so long.

I’ve found myself struggling to read figures on projected charts in meetings lately, and finally made an appointment with the eye doctor. I was extra motivated to spend the remaining $450 that was on my FSA card before it expired yesterday, but there was a time that it would have been easier to lose the money just to not have to leave the house to see an optometrist. I’m happy to say those days are behind me, at least for now. So as of this week I am the proud new owner of some pretty awesome specs, and have prescription sunglasses coming in about a week.

Self Esteem

I finished my invisalign series this year and graduated to a retainer – hooray! I’ve always been really self conscious about my smile, but I struggled with whether it would be vain or shallow to pay all that money for straight teeth. I told myself that I just needed to accept myself as I am. But after a dentist told me that I would encounter more problems down the line if I didn’t correct my smile, I finally took the leap and invested in Invisalign for myself. It wasn’t cheap (though I did get a sweet hookup from a friend – thank you Norma!) but it was worth it – and I’m pretty damn proud of myself for sticking with it even after the payments were done. It feels great to smile without thinking about it and it’s pretty magical to take a clean bite out of a burger without having to nibble like a squirrel because your front teeth don’t touch. Seriously though – the struggle was real.


I’ve been eating better, though this is probably my weakest area this year. I find it hard to find the motivation to cook, which is something I’ve always found very meditative. It’s something I’m determined to get back on track with. They hubby just bought a pretty awesome MAK grill pellet smoker, so he’s been on meat duty, and I just need to get back into making lots of veggies to go with it. I know how to eat healthy, I’ve just gotten lazy.


The other arena I need to get more involved in is exercise. I just plain don’t do enough. Frankly after a long day at work, at most I want to come home and do some gentle yoga. BUT I also know that I need to find an active outlet to release tension. Particularly as I’m learning more and working longer days lately. I need to get back into a regular exercise routine that get’s my heart rate up and makes me sweat out some of the madness. This morning was a great first step and went to take a yoga class from a friend in the park. (Thanks Tam!!) It’s such a great way to kick off the day!

Social Life and Me Time

As I said I’m usually pretty good at the pampering stuff, but usually on the small scale. This year I took  leap and went on a week-long yoga retreat in Costa Rica, which was a big upgrade from bubblebaths and pedicures. It was a much needed getaway for me to reset, ground down, and just focus on me for a whole week – no dogs, no cats, no work, no husband. It was also a big step for me in the social self care arena. Socializing is really draining for me and I have a hard time connecting with people, so this trip was a great opportunity to branch out and meet some likeminded people. It was a really big step for me and I’m just so proud of myself for taking the leap.

Challenging Myself

I have also gotten better at fighting for myself. I’ve been talking a big game about getting out of my admin job for a while now, and this was the year I finally made it happen. I really set the intention to push myself and push for myself this year, and I landed myself a promotion to Material Analyst! I was feeling so complacent in my job, and it feels pretty great to be challenged again. There is so much to learn!

All in all, this year is off to a great start in the self care department. I am getting better about getting real with myself, stopping making excuses, and taking action! How about you? What do you do well in the self care department? What do you need to work on?

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  • Reply Lorelei Hawkins July 1, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Brenna, excellent post. Reminders for self care are wonderful. I love the reminder for social stuff too. I tend to think that active texting with a friend suffices, but……deep down I know I’m wrong. I’m working on not feeling guilty or too exhausted to hang with a girlfriend or two at least every other week. I’m a work in progress.

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