Salmon Ciabatta Sandwich Recipe

January 23, 2016

My husband has been out of town all week, something we forgot when we made a 5lb pot roast on Sunday. So I’ve been living on pot roast all week. And I mean, I love pot roast. But lunch and dinner all week? Way too much pot roast for one person. So tonight, after freezing the remainder of the pot roast because I just can’t eat anymore damn pot roast, I was feeling lazy and tired and almost ordered a pizza. Almost. But instead I ended up getting my butt to the grocery store to buy some fish. The plan was to eat it over greens, but when I remembered I had a loaf of ciabatta at home that idea went out the window and I ended up creating this amazing Salmon Ciabatta Sandwich Recipe. It was filling, and with the creamy, melty goat cheese, it was almost like the perfect comfort food.

I have seen a salmon sandwich before on a menu in San Luis Obisbo at one of my favorite restaurants there, Novo. The food there is amazing, and my grammy usually gets this sandwich, so it must be good! But I had never attempted it before, and I couldn’t remember what was on their sandwich besides cucumber and salmon. So I looked around and threw cucumbers, goat cheese, and chives on my ciabatta and then topped it with a baked salmon fillet. Yum!!



5-6oz salmon fillet

sliced ciabatta cut to size of fillet

sliced english cucumbers to cover bread

goat cheese


**I’m convinced that some arugula would be amazing on this as well, but alas, I had none


I baked my salmon in the oven for about 25 minutes at 350 in a covered casserole with salt pepper, lime, and a couple dabs of butter. I put the ciabatta in for the last few minutes just to toast it a bit, and then loaded it up with goat cheese, cucumber, chives, and fresh ground pepper. Then I ate it all in about 12 seconds. I ate this warm, but I could also see this being a great cold sandwich using leftover salmon and maybe adding some arugula to brighten it up even more. Enjoy!


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