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PiperWai Natural Deodorant

February 13, 2016
Piper Wai Natural Deodorant Product Review - Top View

I’ve always sort of been the token ‘hippie’ if you will, at least with my colleagues – not necessarily a whole lot of ‘om’ing in the office I work in. But, if you send me back to my hometown, I doubt most people there would think of me as being abnormal. If anything, then might thing I was too mainstream or too normal. But since I work in corporate America, I have to keep it a little more mainstream sometimes, for example, while I’d rather go barefoot, I do have to wear shoes (although I definitely take them off at my desk and sit cross legged in my desk chair – shhh!). I also have to wear slacks, when I’d much prefer to wear yoga pants 24/7; which reminds me that I’ve been meaning to take the plunge and try these yoga pants that look like slacks. But probably the greatest conflict would be this – I can’t stink. I can’t roll into work smelling like B.O. so I end up using the same super toxic, chemical deodorant that much of America does. And I’ve always hated it – it’s so, so, so bad for you, especially when you’re family tree is already basically made up of cancer. But I’ve tried a few natural deodorants before, like Tom’s and they never work. Until I found PiperWai Natural Deodorant.

Boom. Magic.


I’ll admit another of my not-so-stereotypical yogi traits is that I love lounging in front of the TV with the hubby. One of our favorite shows, aside from The Profit, House of Cards, and anything with Chef Ramsey, is Shark Tank. We love Shark Tank. So when I saw this natural deodorant called PiperWai come on the show I was reminded of all the reasons I’ve always hated wearing the normal deodorant. Most of the deodorants on the market are incredibly toxic, but they work so we have been conditioned to put up with it. Not anymore.  Now there is a natural deodorant that also works, without all the toxins. Piper Wai relies on the absorbent properties of charcoal to keep odor at bay. Plus they add in some really smell-good and skin conditioning ingredients to it as a nice bonus.  I saved the name, and made the commitment a couple days later. It cost me about $11 and I have to say it’s worth it.

Piper Wai Natural Deodorant Product Review - open jar

It’s a little different than traditional deodorant in that you have to scoop it out of a jar to apply. At first I thought it would be awful to have this stuff on your fingers (it’s gray in the jar due to charcoal being a key ingredient), but once it’s rubbed in you wouldn’t know it’s there other than the really lovely spa-type smell it leaves. So it’s not an antiperspirant, so yes I will still sweat. But you sure won’t smell me! This stuff is seriously awesome, and it sounds like they’re working to get a roll-on version out in the future which would be even easier.

I sweat a lot. Like a LOT. It’s a family trait I suppose – I’ll let my parents argue over which side of the family tree that gene came from, but regardless it’s how it goes. Add to that living in the desert of Southern California, where we live with triple digit temps in the summer, I sweat even more. Now, I’ll caveat this by saying that I haven’t gone through a summer with Piper Wai yet, but I have faith! While with a traditional antiperspirant I might be able to get away with 36 or even 48 hours of protection, this is definitely a single day application. But hey, I feel like that is way worth it to, you know, not get cancer from it.

I absolutely love this product, and have been recommending it to people left and right. I hope you’ll take my recommendation and give it a shot. You’ll be amazed at what they have done.

Have you tried natural deodorants before? Have you tried PiperWai? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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