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Chakra Workshop Recap

June 5, 2016
Chakra Workshop Recap - group

There’s not a whole lot of yoga in the Antelope Valley, so I’m always looking for places close by that I can to go deepen in my practice.  I’ve been following Angie’s blog, Angie Eats Peace, for a while, and seeing as she teaches just an hour and a half away at Inner Evolution Yoga, I’ve been meaning to get down there to try out a class. But it never seems to work out with my schedule – you know how crazy life is. So I was super excited when I saw that the lovely Angelina Ugalde was hosting a Chakra Workshop this Saturday, a day I actually had no plans! I had a great time, and loved the studio – I can’t wait to get back!

First things first, I just have to say – when you follow someone online, you never really know what you’re in for. You never know if the person is going to be what you expect – it could be a total disappointment. I could be a nightmare! But I have to say, I was so relieved to find out that Angie is just as kind and genuine as I had imagined. She’s humble and passionate about yoga (and of course the chakras) and just a real authentic human being. So relieved!

Anyways, the workshop was 3 hours long and began with a 2 hour discussion about the 7 chakras. We learned what sorts of characteristics indicate a balanced chakra, deficiencies, or excess. We also learned which oils and stones are connected with those chakras, as well as ways, both on and off the mat that we can work to heal imbalances in each chakra. There was also a lot of great discussion from the group, which really helped to bring the chakras closer to home.Chakra Workshop Recap - class
After the discussion portion of the workshop we were all able to choose a stone that we resonated with and then moved into a beginner level chakra balancing class. I chose golden quarts to help in balancing out my solar plexus chakra, which I learned in the discussion is clearly way out of whack. I keep the stone at the top of my mat as a reminder of my intention, and I have to say, it really made a difference.

We also were given some journal props to use over the next 7 days, focused on 1 chakra per day, that will allow us to dive a little deeper into that specific chakra. I’m super pumped to start that assignment today,  and my plan will be to document my journey on Instagram and then to bring you a recap after I’ve finished the assignment.

Chakra Workshop Recap - Solar Plexus

All in all, I’m just so thrilled that I took the time to get out of town and try something new. If anyone has the opportunity to take a class or workshop with Angie, I encourage you to do so. She is a great speaker with such a welcoming light about her, and you can’t help but to feel her passion for the practice.

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  • Reply Angie June 5, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    This seriously made me cry! Thank-you for your kind words and it means so much to me that you made the drive out for the workshop. I am so excited that you took something positive away and will continue your journey through the chakras. Please let me know how I can support you, I would love to hear about what you discover along the way. <3

    • Reply Brenna June 5, 2016 at 8:13 pm

      Will do! I’m planning on buying Eastern Body Western Mind next, so excited to start learning more, now that I have a foundation to jump off from!

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