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Words of Wisdom for the Wary and Worried

October 4, 2014

1374802_10203630692910856_8379533673488192919_nIf you are anything like me, you have been contemplating trying yoga for a long time, weeks, months, years maybe! Of course, you’ve done this silently in your own mind, because to speak such thought aloud would open you up to the opportunity to actually have to commit and, thus, to follow through with that fantasy. Gasp!

So here’s what you need to know about yoga – the reason I kept going back even though I felt this exact same way when I went to my first class, and the reason YOU should listen to your instinct and give yoga a shot.

Yoga is for everyone.

Everyone can benefit form yoga in some form. That may be the physical practice of asana, just the breathing practice pranayama, or any combination of the two. Yes, there are certain basic alignment principles that will be taught in order to arm you with the knowledge to prevent injury. But, ultimately the beauty of yoga is that is supposed to be different for, and accessible to, everyone. No 2 people are exactly alike, so no 2 yoga practices will be exactly alike.

Yoga is an inward practice. 

What the heck does that mean?! It means, it’s not a competition and it’s never about comparison. Yoga isn’t about seeing who can hold a handstand the longest. You don’t fail out of yoga because you cant put your legs behind your head. Yoga is about turning your focus inward and working to strengthen, stretch and stabilize your own individual body and mind. It’s about the journey so much more than the destination.

Yoga is more than a fitness craze.

Practicing yoga is all about letting go of the awareness of everything and everyone else in the room and zoning in. Instead of focusing on the world around you, like we all do in our daily lives, yoga gives you an opportunity to listen to your own breath, feel your own body and learn for yourself what each pose brings to you!

And that? That is all you need to know to start your yoga journey.

So leave the fear, the anxiety, the uncertainty at home, get yourself to a local studio and start to move, breathe, and ultimately thrive!



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