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A Vow: Surrendering

October 24, 2014

When I am in the middle of a physical yoga, asana, practice – teaching or taking – I find it easy to “find the yoga”. I am able to be in the moment, channel my positive energy and I see the world as this magical place. I stop looking at everyone and everything around me and I become enthralled by the experience I am having in my own body. Practicing yoga allows me to reconnect with all the things I find beautiful in this world. It’s not hard for me. I just zone in, and there I am. Blissful.


And then I get in my car and I start driving, or I get to work, or I run out of gas, and the bliss quickly disappears and life becomes more of a struggle again. I am no longer able to just focus on myself in the moment. The outside world begins to pull me in a million different directions and I cave. I collapse under the pressure of traffic and stoplights, and stress at work, and dirty dishes in the sink, and a million other relatively insignificant occurrences in my life. Until…

I start to breathe. Of course I am always breathing. I don’t mean the kind of breath that supplies air to your lungs; I mean the kind of breathing that brings light into your heart and draws the darkness out. I breathe and I remind myself that life is just one long asana practice. I will struggle. I will have “bad” days. I will sometimes feel like I do not belong here, now.

But then I will become aware.I will step outside of my body and realize the struggle I am experiencing is something I have created all on my own. I will remember that there is so much beauty in the simple surrender!

I vow to surrender more – Not to give up, but to offer up control. I vow to breathe more, and to remind those around me to inhale the light, the joy, the good, and to exhale the darkness, the pain, the sorrow. I vow to bring more of this bliss I find on the mat out into the world and to share it with those around me.

What’s your vow?

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  • Reply Fran Doubleday October 24, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    Having just finished a wonderful yoga class today I had similar thoughts about those pesky intrusions that life often brings into the forefront of our daily lives. I vowed earlier this year to do just as you say – breathe it away. For the most part I have been successful but there have been moments when I just couldn’t seem to do as I vowed I would. Fortunately I find that time allows everything negative to pass if we are patient. So my vow is to be patient and know that all will be well even if it doesn’t seem to be in the moment.

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