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The Teaching Journey

August 21, 2014

I recently spent 3 weeks in my hometown of Santa Cruz, Ca studying with the knowledgable and inspiring Mark Stephens. I spent 200 hours over that time not only learning from Mark, but learning with and from 11 other incredible, aspiring yoga teachers. It was called a 21-day Intensive Program, but I greatly underestimated how “intense” it would actually be.

Being a natural introvert, I was challenged deeply by spending 10-12 hour days with people I had never met. That alone was draining. On top of that, we were bombarded with information – Philosophy, History, Anatomy, Theory. My brain turned to mush. Some days we spent 4 hours taking class and other days we spent just as long or longer practicing teaching. I was sore, drained, exhausted and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Going in I wasn’t sure if I would leave the program confident enough to teach. But, I emerged 21 days later transformed, feeling more confident in my own personal practice, comfortable with and exhilarated by teaching, and more inspired than ever. So here I am back in the real world, back to my normal work schedule, determined to maintain the enthusiasm and motivation I have cultivated. I am throwing myself into my artwork again, reading and writing about yoga, and of course delving even deeper into my own personal practice. In this world that has frightened and intimidated me throughout my whole life, I am finally learning to thrive!

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