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Making playlists is hard!

November 16, 2014

I love music. And I love yoga – but, making a yoga playlist is hard!

Music. I adore music. I look forward to my 40 minute commute to work each day just because I know that I will be able to plug in some Pandora and tune in (pun only mildly intended). Music is my meditation. It allows me to tune out all the chatter and lose myself in the rhythm. However….

This makes playlist creation incredibly difficult. I sit down in front of the computer to start organizing a playlist and all I do is listen to my favorite songs. I say a lot of “I love this song” and “Ooh, this is great!” and I start adding all of the songs I like to the playlist. No theme. No rhyme or reason. No thread tying them together. And then I realize that the playlist I have created is completely disjointed, has no flow, and is impossible to listen to during a yoga practice without getting completely distracted.My playlist is a flop.

So what are my options?

Play Pandora? This works most of the time – The Yoga Workout station really is fantastic. It’s what I often play when I do my own personal practice. But inevitably, at some point, some high-energy, electronic music will come on right in the middle of savasana. And poof, the zen is gone.

Skip the music? Also possible. Many good classes are held using rhythmic ujjayi breathing to create a meditative music. A practice serenaded by strong, united ujjayi breathing can be transformational! But in a beginner’s class, where people are still getting comfortable with their hero’s breath, this can make for some awkward moments. If the goal is to bring people into a space where they can find themselves, often it helps to lose themselves in some good music first.

Take the time to make the playlists anyways? Yes. This is it. It is hard work. It is a real challenge to create a successful playlist with songs from similar genres where each song flows seamlessly into the next. It’s even more challenging to make that playlist, anticipating the postures and flows that will match each song. But it’s worth it. It’s hard. It feels impossible. But progress not perfection, right? I am working on this…

Above you will see a link to the sound cloud playlist I worked up for my Yoga By Candlelight event. It’s not perfect. But I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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