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Move Breathe Thrive in 2016 – Exciting Things!

January 28, 2016

Well, 2016 is off to a rockin’ good start. I’ve still got that New Year adrenaline pumping through my veins and I’m trying to keep the momentum up. My New Year’s Resolution is holding strong and helping me to start each day off on the right foot. But there was another unspoken resolution that I made to myself – to release fear and doubt, and to invest some real, authentic energy into my yoga dreams and bring the Move Breathe Thrive blog to life. There are already a lot of exciting things on the books for this year – here are some exciting 2016 happenings:

Growing Classes:

IMG_9166This week I had my largest class yet at Yoga in Quartz Hill and it was so exciting! I strolled in about 20 minutes early as I usually do, and already had a couple students waiting. That’s always a great feeling because while I try to keep a positive attitude about it, a no-show class is always a major bummer. I try my best not to take it personally – life does happen after all – but it’s usually a solid kick to the ol’ ego. So I was already feeling excited about teaching, and a couple more people walked in and I thought, “awesome, we’ll have a good group tonight”. But people just kept rolling in. Each time the little bell on the door jingled I looked in disbelief. We cleaned out the prop supply at the studio and had a packed house. I can’t tell you how honored I am that you all opened up your practice to me, so thanks to all of you who made it out – there’s something so invigorating about practicing in a large group like that. I know I could feel the love and I hope you all could too.


brenna-teacher-trainingI’ve got some dates in March and April scheduled to teach a couple workshops, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that coming up in the next month. I’m still deciding on the content for those, so here are some of my ideas. One possibility is to do a Yin Yoga Workshop, which is both similar and opposite to Restorative yoga – The poses are held for extended periods of time as you would in a Restorative practice, but the idea is to get a deep stretch in the connective tissues of the body. I love yin because it really allows you to inward and confront your raw emotions. It can be a really intensely inward experience and I’d love to share that with you all.

Another class I’ve been wanting to teach for a really long time, is a Blindfold Yoga Class – those of you who come to my weekly Candlelight Yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday, know that I love the dim lighting to help encourage ourselves to look inward, so Blindfolded yoga would be the next step! This is a great way to step completely away from how we look in yoga, and focus on how we feel. That’s really what it’s all about, after all.

I’d also love to get a Stress and Anxiety Relief Workshop on the schedule. I work a 9-5 just like a lot of you do and I find that yoga really is my greatest outlet to release all the stress that builds up from sitting at a desk all day. Combine that with juggling all the other struggles life throws at you and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and find yourself in a slump. We all need to be able to reset once in a while, and I’d love to share with you some of the stress relief tools that I’ve picked up over the years.

Ramping up the Blog:

IMG_6024You may have noticed that I’ve been posting more regularly to the blog, and if you haven’t noticed, take a peek – I’ve put out a lot of content already this year. I’ve added a weekly segment called Tutorial Tuesday where we break down one pose each week into detail and include tips, tricks, and modifications. I’m also adding some reviews of my favorite products into the mix. I’m thinking about adding a series on tips to deepen your practice which would delve into some of the things that I learned in Teacher Training that have helped me to really go deeper in my own personal practice. I’d also really like to get some yoga videos and podcasts up and running, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I’m really working to spread the reach of this humble blog, so please share it with anyone you think might be interested. You’ll see that we have a link on the site now where you can follow me on Bloglovin’ and never miss another post, and you may see some changes in the site coming up to bring more of a focus to the blog content.

New Partnerships:

Pono Ola Balance Board

happy-frog-pono-olaI’ve been selected as an Ambassador for Pono Ola, the makers of this awesome new product called the Pono Ola Balance Board, which will be hitting the market soon. I’ll be heading up to Santa Cruz this weekend to check it out for the first time and do a photo shoot with the owners, so cross your fingers for good weather! I’m super excited to be working with this amazing couple, and can’t wait to try their product and share my thoughts with you.


Lucent Hue Yoga Mats

unnamedComing up, I’ll also be participating in a photo shoot with Lucent Hue Yoga an up and coming company started by a friend of mine that creates the most beautiful watercolor yoga mats. She’s super creative and talented so I’m honored to be able to support her on this exciting new journey. Her product is absolutely beautiful, and I just can’t wait to see it in person. These are just 2 of her amazing designs, so check her out to see more as she brings this product to the public



Want to read about something specific in a blog? Lookingsfor a specific yoga video or podcast? Hoping to take one of the workshops listed above, or maybe something different? Please let me know if the comments!

You can also Shoot me a message here or on Facebook and let me know what it is you’d like to see.

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