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Gratitude and Simply Being

November 26, 2014

Gratitude is more than saying thanks…


Tomorrow is thanksgiving. If you’re like me you will spend the day with loved ones and the entertainment will be based around an extravagant meal. A meal for which we are grateful, and for which we will all give thanks. But, for me, Thanksgiving isn’t about gratitude so much as it’s about family. Of course I’m grateful for that, but it’s different to me.

On the other hand, gratitude, or beineg grateful, is something I am trying hard to incorporate into my daily life. Not just the 4th Thursday (how arbitrary is that?!) of November.

Gratitude is something I embody through my yoga practice. With every inhale I feel grateful for the clean air I breathe; for a healthy set of lungs; for the glorious sensation of movement in my being. My yoga mat is where I am able to tap into that deep rooted feeling of gratitude, not for things, or people, or places; but gratitude for that very moment; for the present; for simply being.

So tomorrow, before I dive into my mountain of turkey, stuffing, and Grammy’s famous French peas, I will stop. I will become present. I will remind myself that each moment is a gift. And each moment is just what it was meant to be – perfect.

I will be grateful for simply being

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