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Down Days and Up Days

April 9, 2016
Up Days and Down Days - Tea and blogging

It’s just sort of in my nature to have down days and up days, I’m used to it. You know, sometimes you just need to curl up and retreat from the world for a full 24 hours, curl up, and wallow in a bad day. Yesterday was one of those days.

I woke up with a migraine. The kind where it feels like there is an ice pick in your eyeball. Ugh. I was grateful that my husband got up, brought me advil and made me breakfast in bed, complete with my favorite tea. I started to feel better, and then pushed through to go run some errands, just waiting for the advil to kick in. But it never really did. The headache transformed into neck pain, ear pain, and back into a heachace. Over and over again.

On top of that, I just had one of those days. I hit myself in the eye, spilled my tea, dropped everything, and just had the worst. day. ever. I ended up giving in around noon and going to take a nap, which meant that I missed pretty much all the rain yesterday. If you’ve been following the blog, you know that rain is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so this was particularly depressing. The headache stuck with me even after the nap, and persisted all the way until I went to sleep. What a waste of a day.

But today I woke up feeling brand new. The headache was gone, and I felt motivated, energized, and just plain happy to be alive. I got up and proceeded to make a healthy and delicious breakfast. I even reorganized the pantry, which has been driving me nuts for months now. Then I got my butt out of the house to go take a butt-kicking yoga class, and decided to reward myself by stopping into my favorite tea place to grab a hot pot of chocolate chai and a delicious housemate scone. I’m even back to writing! Yes! Today is a better day.

I’m still hoping that I’ll get to enjoy a little rain today, since I missed it yesterday, but overall, I’ve decided to leave yesterday in the past, and focus on enjoying today.

Happy Saturday!

What are your plans today?

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