Meet Brenna

Brenna Daugherty Yoga | Move Breathe ThriveI stumbled upon yoga when I began attending yoga classes in 2009 in an effort to re-build strength after undergoing ligament replacement surgery on my ankle. I quickly realized that what was intended to be a short-term commitment to get “back on my feet”, was rapidly transforming into a new lifestyle. It was then that my yoga journey began.

Yoga changed my life. I began to look at myself differently; to look at life differently. I learned to apply the principles I learned in class to my life out in the real world. Learning to breathe in yoga class translated to a method for coping with anxiety. Learning to push my physical limits taught me to step out of my comfort zone in school, at work, and even in my social life. Improving strength and stability translated into an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

I realized I had to share my knowledge with anyone who would listen. In 2014 I made the decision to become a yoga instructor so that I could effectively share this deep joy with the world. I attended a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training program with Mark Stephens in Santa Cruz, Ca which focused on safe and sustainable yoga, making yoga accessible to all types of people, and using yoga as a catalyst for improving quality of life.

I emerged from training ready to change the world, one asana at a time. I have been teaching since 2014 and my classes are based in the vinyasa style. My classes combine detailed instruction, meditative flow, and a focus on using the breath to find sthira and sukham (steadiness and ease) in each posture. As a teacher my goal is to watch you leave class standing little taller, breathing a little easier, and feeling more at peace.  I encourage people of all levels to come as you are and leave even just a little bit better. In addition to teaching, I maintain a blog in order to share my yoga journey and insights on the world.